Whats brewing at the NUH Medical Centre!

*UPDATES: I have added the current most updated store directory in One @ Kent Ridge, NUH Medical Centre! Hope it helps!* :))

Happy 11/11 guys!

Hope your Monday wasn’t that blueeeeee, anyway by the time you read this, Monday’s almost over!


With the very recent opening of the NUH Medical Centre, it brought along many eateries and shops which are now located at the first and second level of the building, called the One@Kent Ridge! This NUH Medical Centre is directly accessible through the Circle Line Kent Ridge MRT, so just imagine the glee in all of us at NUS (and NUH I’m sure)! :D

However, when I tried googling to check the opening hours of the shops at the Medical Centre, it was a futile attempt because many vendors have not updated their latest outlet addition. So, I decided to compile a list of the shops that are currently open for anyone who wants to know whats available there.


Currently at the first level (updated as of 11th Nov),

  • Cheers – opens even on Sunday.
  • ShareTea (Bubble tea) – opens even on Sunday.
  • Ya Kun Kaya Toast – opens even on Sunday till late (~8pm for now).
    (Its a ‘family cafe’ so besides the usual breakfast sets, they also serve some ‘asian delights’ like mee siam, mee rebus and nasi lemak etc, so you can grab a meal there as well)
  • Umi Sushi – opens even on Sunday till afternoon only (they were almost completely packed and ready to go off when I went at ~2pm)
  • Prima Deli (cakes and pastries) – not open on Sunday.
  • Don your personal pie club – not open on Sunday.

Uniqlo will also be opening a new retail store on the 13th of December!! Look out for the exciting promotions they always offer at their new stores!




At the second level,

  • Thai Express – opens daily 11.30am to 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
  • Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe – opens daily 11am to 9pm 
  • NTUC supermarket


At the third level,

  • Starbucks – opens until 9pm but i’m not sure about the weekends
  • 7-11 





Sorry for the really bad photos, didn’t realize until now when I’m preparing to upload them but I hope it helps! :)


I’m so so happy with this new expansion and new eateries at the Kent Ridge MRT :>! Yay to more variety of food especially during the weekends!! Hope to see all the shops opening soon! Heard from the Ya Kun uncle that all the shops would probably be open by late December/ early January!

I will try to update as soon as possible if there are new shops popping out!!

Close up!

Close up!

One @ Kent Ridge

One @ Kent Ridge

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